Cubes With Dalia and Megren

Off-duty Mess



This is the place where off duty soldiers and sailors can relax and eat. There is a small cookfire and hearth and a few tables set up nearby. On one wall is a dart board, and on a small table in the corner there is a chess set. Someone has left a pile of parchment with sketches of his fellow knights on another table. This is a comfortable, casual room.



You can go: Out to the Northern Stairwell <S>

Haft has his feet propped up before the fire.

Megren walks into the room and surveys it for potential victims before her eyes fall on Haft. She corners him. “Hello, guardsman!”

Haft rises warily at her tone and gives a small bow. “Did you need something Dame Megren?”

Megren says, “A cubes partner.”

The fire flickers, casting dancing shadows all over the walls.

Haft grimaces. “Gearn?” he suggests.

Megren says, “Mmmmm…..”


Haft says, “No? What’s so fascinating about cubes with me? You already know my darkest secrets.”

Megren says, “Maybe I want to know your lightest secrets.”

Haft rolls his eyes. “You know there’s a normal way to play cubes, yes? With nice, orderly rules.”

Megren pushes her mouth to the side. “Well, I suppose we could play it that way if you really wanted.”

Dalia pauses by the doorway, panting a little from the steps.

Haft catches sight of her. “What’s she doin’ here?”

Megren takes a moment to figure out who he’s talking about, and then lifts her brows a little, surprised. “I don’t know!”

Haft raise his voice. “Eh, Dalia, you need something?

Perth also seems to spot her and makes his way towards her. She offers him a parcel which may or may not look like a mended shirt and lifts the covering over the basket, she’s carrying offering Perth a cookie and sharing a comment which causes Dalia to chuckle. She turns a little shyly at Haft’s question. “New Help at the Kitchen insisted I bring these cookies up. Wouldn’t take no for an answer.”

Haft glances at Megren.

Megren gets a big grin.

Haft mumbles “Perth got an admirer?”, to Megren.

Haft mumbles “… got … …”, to Megren.

Megren lifts her shoulders up around her ears.

Dalia says, “I think they might have confused me with one of the kitchen maids, but I thought these would be appreciated. ”

Megren asks, “Are they all for Perth or the mess at large?” she says, lifting the towel to reveal the cookies beneath

Dalia curtsys when Megen speaks to her, “For the mess at Large, I believe Ma’am.”

Megren grins. “Well, then, can we tempt you to stay and eat a few with us and join a game of cubes?”

Haft says, “And by cubes she means a perilous game of humiliation and soul searching.”

Megren grins temptingly. “You know you wanna search Haft’s soul!”

Haft makes a face.

Dalia glance between both trying to gauge the offer, the back and forth humoring her and causing a smile to break out. “I have a little while, Ma’am. Only I hope you’ll go easy on a beginer.”

A log on the fire shifts, sending a column of sparks flying upwards.

Megren drags overs a small table and two chairs. “We’ll do our best.”

Haft takes a seat.

Dalia seats herself as well, setting the basket of cookies nearby, and looks to Megren expectantly.

Megren drops one cube onto the table. “So if the roller rolls red, she asks me a question. Yellow is for Haft, green for Dalia. If she rolls blue, I get to ask anyone a question, and violet Haft does, and white Dalia.”

Dalia says, “So White and Yellow then, got it.”

Haft says, “And they have to answer the question or do something embarrassing.”

Dalia pinks a little at the thought of doing something embaressing. “Oh dear. What sort of things have been done?”

Megren says, “Mostly singing songs, hand stands, that sort of thing.”

Haft says, “Dancing in the ward.”

Megren pushes the piece toward her. “You can roll first.”

Dalia nods, “Alright.”

She takes the dice and rolls them.

The dice lands on white, and Dalia considers this looking from Megren to Haft. “Haft…Which do you like better, Cookies or Muffins?”

Haft looks surprised. “Cookies.”

Megren taps her lip like she finds this VERY intriguing.

Dalia pauses the dice over to Megren, trying not to grin and failing.

Megren rolls and lands on violet. She looks at Haft expectantly.

Haft asks, “What’s yer favorite family recipe, Dalia?”

Dalia pauses, looking thoughtful. ” Mother’s apple cobbler.”

Megren says, “Mm.”

Haft says, “I approve.”

Megren passes the gamepiece to Haft.

Dalia smiles, “I don’t know how she always makes it taste so good and full of love.”

Haft rolls yellow and looks at Megren questioning my.

Megren asks, “Hmm, I think that gives you a free round?”

Megren says, “Or, I know, it means you have to eat a cookie.”


Haft smiles and takes one from the basket, passing the cube.

Dalia takes the cube and rolls again.

Dalia asks, “Hmm. I suppose what was your favorite part of Narnia?”

Megren exclaims, “Oh! Hmm. I liked the centaurs.”

Haft asks, “Why so?”

Dalia says, “Oh really?”

She looks eagerly at Megren, like this a story she wants to hear sometime.”

Megren says, “Because I don’t understand how they work.”

Haft chuckles. “You know they eat most meals twice?”

Megren asks, “But how do they stay upright?”

Haft asks, “How do you?”

Megren says, “I don’t have a back end. They’ve got to have stomach muscles like rocks.”

Dalia listens rapt attention To Haft and Megren discusse centaurs.

Haft says, “Yeah, well the ones I saw at Cair Paravel probably had.”

He rolls the cube which comes up blue.

Megren says, “Oh, blue. Hmmm. Dalia, favorite childhood spring.”

The fire flickers, casting dancing shadows all over the walls.

Sir Chal enters the mess and beelines for Megren. He acknowledges her companions briefly, and then exchanges a few quiet words with her. She turns to the others with a regretful expression, already rising. “That’s all the games for me, I’m afraid.”

Haft rises. “Everything all right?”

Megren says, “Just got called in to council, that’s all.”

Haft says, “Right. We’ll see you later then.”

He bows to both knights.

Megren calls, walking backward, “Thank you for the game!”

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