Of Councils, Love and Elephant Ears

Central Garden

Avery is sitting on a bench close to the fountain. She is in quiet conversation with Haft, pointing to some flowers beside the bench.

Megren walks alongside Linor and a cart that is chockful of treats.

Haft glances at the flowers. “Alacanthas, I believe.”

Linor stops the tray near the benches and goes over to Lady Avery and gives a small bow. “Good afternoon My Lady. Would you like some tea or wine?”

Avery hmms thoughtfully, nodding. When she hears the other voice, she turns slightly and smiles. “Ah, Linor, hello. I would love some wine, thank you.”

Linor goes over to the cart and pours a glass and hands it to Avery. “You’re Welcome, M’lady.”

Megren sits on the adjacent bench. “Alacanthas is the flower?” Continue reading Of Councils, Love and Elephant Ears

On Needlework

,[/ /],`,[\ \],`,[/ /],`,[\ \],`,[/ /],`,[\ \],`,[/ /],`,[\ \],`,[/ /],`,[\ \],

Avery sits at a smaller table near one of the windows. There is a stack of letters beside a hot cup of tea.

Haft steps into the library, having been within call for some time outside. “Is there anything I can send for, Lady Avery?”

Avery looks up at the sound of Haft’s voice, pausing her letter-writing. She gently shakes her head. “No, I am quite content, thank you.” She sets the quill down and smiles. “Have you had a pleasant afternoon?”

Haft returns the smile. “Nothing could be more pleasant than watching over Your Ladyship.”

Avery chuckles. “Well, I’m sure that’s not /always/ true, but I thank you for the compliment.” Continue reading On Needlework