First Night in the Barracks

Army Barracks(#12898R/AHJKM)



You stand in the barracks belonging to the Army of Archenland. Here is where the men reside when not on campaign. There are many bunks along the walls and at the foot of each bunk is a foot locker. The barracks is neat and tidy. Arrow slot windows facing out allow for defense and provide light. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=


You can go: Officers’ Barracks <S>, North Gate Tower <E>, Northern Stairwell <W>

Contents: A leopard with a long tail; A leopard with ebony fur; A daughter of

eve with chestnut curls; A son of adam with a scarred neck; A son of adam

with a strong build; A wolf with scars over both of his eyes; A wolf with

thick black fur and tired blue eyes; A wolf with untrusting and piercing eyes

(Aliyah); Gambeson; Quiver; and Quiver.

Lanisen glances between Colin and the wolves and asks tentatively, “What happened? With the battle? I didn’t know it happened until after.”

Haft enters quietly, seeing the barracks being used, not unexpectedly, as a sickroom.  He takes a seat quietly on a bunk at the far end and watches in silence.

Tempest chuckles a little. “I’m sorry for frightening you with that news, Son of Adam.” Her nose twitches when she scents another wolf in the room and her eyes rest upon Aliyah of all wolves. She blinks about six times.

Drune smiles softly at the Knight’s words. “It was an honor to fight beside you… Only glad it is over now. ”

Arael bites her lip at Colin’s words, but nods in agreement wiht Lanisen’s query. She seems about to speak, but then quiets as the others become distracted.

A son of adam with a strong build runs a hand through his disheveled hair, rubbing the back of his neck as he looks to the Wolves. “Ah…the battle. Well. The short version is, the Calormenes made a battle ram overnight and advanced to take the gates down. King Lune ordered us to our mounts and commanded the gates open and we rode out to meet them. Then all of a sudden, there were talking wolves and great Cats and many other Narnians riding over the hill to our aid.” He says with a slight grin.

Lanisen asks, looking at the wolves, “But how did you know to come?”

Aliyah meets Tempest’s gaze. “I did not realize you were here,” she says simply, no hint of bitterness in her tone for once.

Arael presses the fingertips of one hand to her lips as Colin describes these events. She looks just a shade paler, and doesn’t immediately look away from him as the others speak in their turn.

Drune looks between the two once more, allowing Tempest to explain as he looks over to the daughter of eve, offering her a brief nod before noticing Aliyah. “Aliyah. ” he greets. “I take it you were apart of the battle?”

Tempest looks at Aliyah for a moment before turning back to answer the Daughter of Eve. “My packmate, Drune here, and I were in Sted Cair hunting for our pack when King Edmund began gathering his army. I’m the acting Alpha of Winterden, and we both agreed the right course was to come here.

Lanisen asks, “But how did he know?”

Arael eventually turns back to the rest of the group as the Wolf finishes speaking. “Aye! We’d only just time to get into the castle ourselves–didn’t we?” She looks back at Colin and Lanisen with a furrowed brow, seeking confirmation.

Arael eventually turns back to the rest of the group as the Wolf finishes speaking. “Aye! ‘Twasn’t even a day, and we’d only just time to get into the castle ourselves–didn’t we?” She looks back at Colin and Lanisen with a furrowed brow, seeking confirmation.

Colin frowns thoughtfully. He sticks his arm behind Lanisen for him to use as a headrest, letting himself relax back, hand resting lightly on Arael’s shoulder. “This is true…we didn’t have time to dispatch a warning. We got everyone inside, closed the gates and there they were. When we counciled with the king that night, after the army had pulled back, we were trying to think of a way to get someone out to send word…but there wasn’t one.”

Aliyah flicks an ear as she glances down at her shoulder before responding to Drune. “I was. I fought alongside Nimera for a while actually… The leopard from the Waste who has family in the city.”

Lanisen nods, agreeing with Arael. “We were on the hunt and that boy found us, and that was the first warning anybody had.”

Haft raises his eyes, listening intently.

Drune offers the other wolf a small smile. “Glad to see you are alright… ” he pauses, looking between each in turn. “What of the others?”

Arael frowns up at Lanisen, looking puzzled. “What boy?”

Colin taps Lanisen. “Oh, get this. That boy who warned us on the hunt? …Goodness that feels like years ago, anyway. He’s King Lune’s missing son…the one taken all those years ago. He’s Prince Cor.”

Arael sits up straighter at once, all astonishment. “The /Prince/ warned you?”

Lanisen stares at Colin, his mouth falling open. “The missing prince?” he repeats, then sits back. “Well. How about /that/.”

Tempest nods to Drune, speaking quietly. “All are well, I’ve heard of nothing but injuries on our side.” She then answers the younger man’s question with a simple shake of her head to indicate she has no idea how King Edmund knew.

Aliyah frowns, thinking back. “I’m not sure of her sister, but the last time I saw Nimera, she was fine. She had a wound on her side from a sword, but she seemed well enough. She ran after those trying to flee upon the king’s orders.”

Colin nods, grinning at both of their reactions. “How about that, huh? He didn’t know he was the Prince and he found us.”

Haft coughs quietly.  “None of you were at the feast, I take it?”

Lanisen shakes his head, amazed. “How about that,” he marvels again.

Colin answers the man, “I was, her too–” here he points at Arael, “But things were a bit…well, chaotic.” He admits. “I got the gist that I had gained a cousin back and that was about it.”

Arael seems about to say something more to Lanisen when the man calls out to them from across the room. She turns to him, frowning as if she doesn’t quite understand. After a moment, she answers. “Well. Not him.” She nods to the much-bandaged young man beside her.

Lanisen glances at Colin. “That’s right–he’s your cousin. I didn’t think of that.”

Haft says, “Then you didn’t listen to what King Edmund said.  He had word from a Stag.”

Lanisen says, persistent, “Well, how’d the /stag/ know?”

Tempest ahs at this. “Likely Chervy. He lives in our woods.”

Arael frowns harder at the man. “Maybe /you/ were close enough to hear every word he said.”

Aliyah glances at the man across the room. “I was there briefly… Had one man scared out of his wits when he saw me. So yes, I heard Edmund and met the prince.” She smiles. “A nice boy.”

Haft says, “The king said the stag had it from an illustrious messenger.  In context, I believe he referred to the crown prince.”

Haft scowls.  “Maybe I bothered to listen rather than spend my time in frivolity.”

Lanisen blinks at the bad-tempered man. “Wow, all right,” he says under his breath.

Drune returns to silence, his attention turning to the interaction between the stern-faced man and the scarred one, expression neutral.

Arael stares at the man for several beats, looking more bemused than put-out this time. Eventually, her eyes drift over to Colin, to whom she raises her eyebrows with a helplessly puzzled espression.

Colin’s shoulders begin to shake a bit with quiet laughter at Arael’s indignation. He watches her with a pleased grin, which fades a bit when the man’s harsh words are spoken. He looks at him, not bothing to move. “Well, sir whoever you are, perhaps you’d have been engaged in a bit of frivolity when your best friend almost died but didn’t, and you thought you were going to die but you didn’t, and your goodbyes that you’d said the night before were for naught. Before Narnia came to our aid, things were quite grim. Right now, after everything we have been through, the terror and the uncertainty, you’ll pardon me if I could care less about some of the finer details this evening. They’ll keep for tomorrow.”

Haft looks at the man (Colin?) hard for a moment, then he throws his head back and starts to laugh.

Lanisen goes rather red and self-conscious. He looks startled when the stranger starts to laugh.

Haft says, “Your words are true enough sir, and I withdraw my criticism of the lady.”

Arael’s bewildered expression fades into a near face-splitting smile as Colin goes on, and soon she is giggling in relief and merriment.

Haft says, “But this day has seen the changing of our world, and all my hopes restored.  And if I attended to the words of the kings, it was because they concerned me closely.”

Lanisen glances between his friends and relaxes, leaning back comfortably. He fidgets idly with the sling his wounded arm has been bundled into.

Colin keeps his head back against the cot, gaze drifting to the ceiling. He swallows several times, just nodding at the stranger’s words, allowing him to continue if he wishes.

Tempest’s nose twitches as she quietly listens to the exchange, watching the Archenland knight.

Arael lifts her head a little from its place against the cot, peering down at Lanisen’s arm and then back up at his face before murmuring a question.

Arael mumbles “Is … hurting … very much?”, to Lanisen.

Drune flinches as he adjusts once again, letting out a soft grunt and rubbing his muzzle with a forepaw.

Lanisen makes a face and leaves off his fussing with the sling.

Lanisen mumbles “… little. … not … bad … … … don’t like the … though, it’s … … … … to sleep.”, to Arael.

Aliyah glances Drune’s direction, ear flicking as she frowns, noticing his discomfort.

Tempest touches her nose to her packmates. “Can I get you anything?” She asks quietly.

Drune sighs softly. “Whatever that healer gave me… ” he snorts, shaking his head. “continues to leave me tired apparently. A place to rest for the night. ” he glances between the other humans. “Don’t want to make a scene about it though. Here is just as fine as any place. ” he adds quietly.

Arael bites her lip and surveys the sling with a thoughtful expression. “Think ’tis too tight?” she asks, just a little louder this time.

Lanisen shrugs his good shoulder. “Dunno. I’m a little scared to mess with it.”

Haft rises.  “May I take a look?”

Colin continues to stare at the ceiling, closing his eyes to simply listen to what is going on around him.

Tempest nods to Drune and keeps her voice low. “Won’t let you leave anyway, wounded are to remain here.”

Arael sits forward in a protective posture–though perhaps her small stature keeps her from being very intimidating–and eyes the man with a rather dubious look on her face. “Are you a healer, then?”

Haft shakes his head.  “An old soldier.  But a good soldier knows his business with bandages.”

Lanisen looks up at the stranger, a little startled. “Uhhh…” He relaxes gratefully when Arael takes the lead.

Arael swivels her head around to look at Colin. “You’ve got healers here, haven’t you? Didn’t you tell me ’twas a healer that took the arrows out?”

Colin’s eyes snap open and he straightens, swallowing again as he nods. “Aye, Adrian. What’s bothering it, Lanisen? The sling or the actual bandage? It might be time for Adrian to change them anyway, and he’s got stuff to put on.” He explains, a bit garbled.

Drune’s eyelids begin to droop as a new bout of sleepiness assaults him. “I think… ” he pauses, blinking a few times. “I will get some rest… wake me up before long… ”

Lanisen mumbles, “How should I know?” He looks unhappy to have somehow turned into the center of the conversation.

Tempest nods her agreement, nudging him gently one more time before he drifts off. She scootches more under the cot where the healer stuck him and dozes off while the humans keep up their jabbering.

Drune himself is sleeping silently moments later.

Aliyah winces as she stands and pads quietly to a corner away from the talking. She curls onto her side and begins to nose her shoulder, licking at the matted and bloody fur.

Arael frowns intently at Lanisen’s arm, as if it’s likely to tell her.

Colin finds himself snorting a bit at Arael’s expression and he slowly removes his arm from her shoulder/behind Lanisen’s head. “I’ll go send someone to find Adrian and ask…no offense to you sir…I don’t know much about medicine but I have been yelled at by Adrian enough to know he’s smarter than me.” He slowly and stiffly gets to his feet, groaning like an old man.

Haft waves his hand dismissively.  “No matter.”  He returns to the bunk.

Lanisen says quickly, “No, that’s fine, it’s not that big a deal.”

Colin gives Lanisen his stern face.

Lanisen quails a little at Colin’s look.

Haft stands up, nods curtly to the room, and finds a room [Correction: bunk] to sleep in.